Tickets for UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 are available on the website and have been on sale after the draw on 8 November 2016.

The best footballers in Europe will be playing in the Netherlands from July 16 to August 6 and that’s something you don’t want to miss! 16 teams will be battling for the European title in seven host cities. Breda, Deventer, Doetinchem, Enschede, Rotterdam, Tilburg and Utrecht are preparing for an amazing football event in the summer of 2017! 

Are you curious about the official match schedule? Click here and discover when matches will be played at the WEURO stadiums.

Categories and prices

Tickets are available in three categories: Category 1, Category 2 and Business Seats. Tickets are available from €10. 

Ticket packages

You don't want to miss any matches of your favourite team? Visit all group matches of your favourite team with a ' follow your team package'. A follow your team package can be ordered starting from € 24. For children up to 14 years it can be ordered starting form € 12 (50% discount).

There is also a stadium package available, a venue package. With a venue package you can visit all the matches in a stadium of your choice. In the stadiums will not be played the same number of matches. Therefore the prices can be different. In the ticket shop you can see the price of a venue package of your favourite Stadium.

Are there special ticket prices available?

Yes, the following special ticket prices are available:

- Group package: 20% discount when ordering 10 tickets per match or more. Only for group stage matches

- Youth package: 50% discount for children till 14 years accompanied by an adult

- Venue package: 20% discount when ordering all matches in one venue

- Follow your team: 20% discount when ordering all group stage matches for one country


Do you want to attend WEURO 2017 games with your whole football team, family or friends? That’s possible! WEURO games are more than just 90 minutes of football: they are a party for everyone! More information about promotions will be announced on this website and our social media channel.

Match start times

Start times for matches have not yet been decided. Exact times will be announced after the draw on November 8.

Ticket sales at WEURO stadiums

Tickets for WEURO matches will also be available at the stadiums in 2017. Prices will be the same as online tickets.

Hospitality arrangements

Hospitality facilities, delicious catering at stadiums and the best European women’s football – a guarantee for success. Enjoy the Hospitality opportunities by visiting games together with colleagues or clients. Watch WEURO games from your own box and join network meetings in one of the Hospitality lounges. At interest? Please send us an email to


Scouting ticket requests can be send to Subject to availability. 


When you have some questions about the ticket sale, you can check our FAQ page. You still want some more information? Please send us an email to  

Which teams are participating?

16 countries will be competing for the European title next summer in the Netherlands. The host nation qualified automatically, so 15 spots had to be filled by qualifying teams. The following teams have qualified for WEURO 2017: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Portugal. We will see all of them in action next summer!

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