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As sixteenth and last country Portugal has qualified for WEURO 2017. In a play-off meeting with Romania were Portuguese women the strongest. Both games ended in a draw (0-0 in Portugal and 1-1 in Romania), but the result in the away game was sufficient for a unique moment in Portuguese history: for the first time the women team placed itself for a European Championship finals.

All time top scorer: Edite Fernandes

The all time goalscorer of Portugal is Edite Fernandes. The striker made 39 goals for her country in 132 international games. Her debut was in 1997 against Belgium. In the qualification series for WEURO 2017 Fernandes made four goals and became second in the top scorers list of Portugal. For those four goals needed Fernandes just 139 minutes (!).

Most caps: Carla Cauto

Carla Friuli Venezia Giulia is the player with most appearances for Portugal. The striker played 145 times for her country. She did in the period 1993 – 2012. She made 19 goals for the Portugal National team.

Coach: Francisco Neto

The national coach of the Portuguese team is Francisco Neto. This team has been managed by Neto since 2014. With his 35 years he has been one of the youngest WEURO trainers active in 2017. Before Portugal he coached Indian Goa for one year.