From Salzburg to Enschede for the final


Maritt Brussel (11) and her mother Fiona were prepared to go the extra mile to attend the final of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017. In the final the Dutch Lionesses faced Denmark.

Maritt and her mother wouldn’t miss this for the world, even though they were on a holiday in Salzburg. This didn’t stop them of participating in the ‘like and win’ action on Instagram. A campaign they won. The moment they won – the challenge started: They had to book tickets for the plane to make sure they would be in the Netherlands asap.

The next day, Maritt and her mother boarded a plane to Düsseldorf – and were picked up by her grandparents. On August 6, they took a train to the stadium where the final would be played. “We were super excited. We were so happy to have won the tickets,” tells mom Fiona.

Maritt has 3 siblings – but it was obvious who would go to the final: “I immediately knew I would take Maritt,” explains Fiona. “She’s a huge football fan and she plays at a local team herself – in the boy’s squad.”

Maritt’s role model is Shanice van de Sanden, whom she could finally see play in real life after a long journey to the final. “Our most exciting moment was when Vivianne Miedema scored the equalizer (1-1) after receiving a great pass from Shanice.”

The trip was a complete success for Maritt and her mom after the Dutch Lionesses crowned themselves the European Champions after 94 minutes. “We are very happy to have experienced this. We’re still buzzing and enjoying this wonderful experience. We had a safe trip back to Salzburg and are now enjoying the rest of our vacation with our family.”