Meet the cities: Rotterdam


This summer the Netherlands will host the Women’s EURO. For the first time in history the Netherlands will host this event, which, with sixteen participating teams will be the biggest WEURO thus far. The tournament will start on July 16 and ends on August 6. In total there will be 31 matches played in seven host cities. In Rotterdam there will be five matches in total: four group stage matches and one quarterfinal. One of the group stage matches is by the Dutch national team against the Danish team. Besides the best teams in European women’s football, what else has Rotterdam to offer its visitors?

Rotterdam and its iconic sights
Rotterdam got its name because of a dam in river ‘Rotte’. During World War II the historic town of Rotterdam got bombed, leaving the city in rubble. After the war ended, the town started rebuilding. This led to a new and modern skyline and renewed architecture. Rotterdam also has the most iconic harbor of the Netherlands, which at one point was the largest harbor in the world. The Rotterdam harbor is still the largest harbor in Europe. Every year 127,1 million containers are shipped. 

Rotterdam and WEURO
Rotterdam is one of the most influential cities when it comes to football. There are three clubs playing on the highest level in the domestic league: Eredivisie. No other Dutch city has three clubs playing this league. That’s why Rotterdam couldn’t miss out on being a host city during the Women’s EURO.

The stadium

In 1916 the first football stadium opened its doors in the Netherlands: ‘Het Kasteel’ (The Castle). This is the same stadium five of the WEURO matches will be played this summer, including a quarterfinal and a match of the Dutch national team. In the domestic league there’s artificial turf in the stadium, something that’s not allowed when you’re hosting an international tournament. Because of this, the artificial turf will be replaced by real grass – which will be placed in the stadium especially for the Women’s EURO!

Ticket prices for the Women’s EURO start at 10 euros a ticket and children under 15 can attend for half of that, because they get 50% off! There are still tickets available for the matches in Rotterdam – including the match of the Dutch national team and the quarterfinal.

Rotterdam’s program:
Monday July 17: Italy – Russia
Thursday July 20: Netherlands – Denmark
Sunday July 23: Scotland – Portugal
Wednesday July 26: Iceland – Austria
Saturday July 29: Winner group B – No. 2 group A

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