Host Cities // Utrecht

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Utrecht is the radiant and vibrant heart of the Netherlands. It is the country’s fourth largest city; a university city with young and highly educated residents. You can wander around and discover the compact city centre, where the Dom tower, the highest church tower in the country, is always in sight. Utrecht offers gorgeous canals with remarkable canal-side cellars featuring inviting cafés and terraces at the waterside. Utrecht has many heritage sites and is proud of its icons Miffy and Rietveld. All contribute to a warm, inviting and lively atmosphere that makes the city so endearing. Want to know more? http://www.visit-utrecht.com/

The WEURO 2017 program in Utrecht was:
July 16: The Netherlands - Norway (poule A) 1-0
July 19: England - Scotland (poule D) 6-0
July 22: France - Austria (poule C) 1-1
July 25: Russia - Germany (poule B)  0-2

Stadion Galgenwaard

Stadion Galgenwaard is has been the home of professional football club FC Utrecht since 1970. The stadium got renovated at the beginning of 2000 and has a capacity of 23,750 spectators.