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Doetinchem is a city located in the centre of ‘Achterhoek’, a region in the eastern part of the Netherlands and part of the Province of Gelderland. Doetinchem is a green city with a warm and welcoming city centre featuring many exciting activities during the summer and winter months. Would you like to know what you can do in Doetinchem? Then check our website:

Doetinchem is also the capital of the Achterhoek region. With its attractive green landscapes, there is plenty to see and do in Achterhoek. We invite you to come and explore it! For more information, please see: or

Four group matches and a quarter-final are played in Doetinchem.
July 16: Denmark - Belgium (poule A) 1-0
July 19: Spain - Portugal (poule D) 2-0
July 22: Iceland - Switzerland (poule C) 1-2
July 25: Sweden - Italy (poule B) 2-3
July 29: Quarter final (Netherlands - Sweden) 2-0






Stadium de Vijverberg

The Vijverberg Stadium is the home ground for Doetinchem’s professional football club De Graafschap BV and is very well known in the Netherlands. The stadium was built on 4th September 1954 and has a seating capacity of 12,600 as well as modern amenities. The Vijverberg Stadium is unique because of the special atmosphere with the public and its great location; it is located on the outskirts of the city, right next to the woods.

Address: Lijsterbeslaan 101-A, 7004 GN Doetinchem. Website: