Important information

Print your tickets!
Have you purchased your tickets online? Then print before you go to the stadium. The stadium can only be accessed with physically printed ticket on A4. A ticket on a smartphone can not be scanned and does not give access to the stadium.


The Fanwalk will leave the Fanzone at 19:00 on July 27. On July 30 there will probably be a Fanwalk from the Fanzone to the stadium. Check our website and our social media to get the latest info about this walk.

It is not possible to take your umbrella into the stadium. You can leave your umbrella behind for the match and take it with you afterwards. It's at your own risk.

At July 24 the Orange Fanwalk leaves the Fan zone at 18.00
At July 27 the Fanwalk leaves the Fan zone at 19.00

Travel information

Public transport
If you travel by public transport, you can reach the stadium with various trams and buses. Bus 8 (Het Laar) departs from Tilburg Station (15 minutes to stadium). Check your fastest way to the stadium here.

 Bike or walking
Are you traveling to the stadium by bike or walking? Then use the special Active app that UEFA has developed and maybe you will win one of the great prizes.

By car
The Koning Willem II stadium’s car park will not be accessible during WEURO 2017 matches. From the A58 and the A65 motorways and the N269 and N261 arterial roads, you will be directed to the nearest available parking location. Free shuttle services will be available to take you from your parking location to the stadium. When planning your journey, please take into consideration the extra 25 minutes it will take to travel from the parking location to the stadium. After the match, you can use these same free shuttle services to take you back to your parking location.  


Parking information

  • It’s not possible to park on the parking lot in front of Koning Willem II stadium during WEURO 2017.
  • If you are traveling to the stadium on roads A58, A65, N296 and N 261 you will be guided to suitable parking lots by WEURO 2017 parking signs.
  • From all parking lots there will be free shuttle buses available driving you to the stadium.
  • Please add 25 minutes additional time to your travel. It takes approximately 25 minutes to get from the parking lots to the stadium by bus.
  • There will be free shuttle busses driving you to your parking lot after the match.

Tilburg hosts the biggest fair of Benelux, starting on July 21 (Friday) and ending on July 30 (Sunday). This causes many roads from and to the stadium to be closed or busy. For more information about parking please check here.

Venue information

Stadium information

  • There will also be a commercial area: sponsors of the tournament will host activities.
  • In stadium there’s stands to buy food and beverages. You can pay with special EC coins.
  • You can buy coins before and during the match inside the stadium. You can recognize the employees that sell the coins by their green jackets that state ‘munten’.
  • You can pay for your coins using cash and PIN.
  • Here you can find a map of the stadium.

It is not possible to take your umbrella into the stadium. You can leave your umbrella behind for the match and take it with you afterwards. It's at your own risk.

City and venue program

Fan activities
Before every match you can visit the WEURO Fanzone on Pieter Vreedeplein in the city centre of Tilburg. Fans of all teams will gather here to celebrate women’s football together. There will be music, football related games and different kind of artist performing on stage. At 16:00 the Fanwalk will leave the Fanzone to go to Koning Willem II Stadium. This is a walk of 2,5 km. If you want to join the Fanwalk you are welcome to do so. After the match there will be a free shuttle bus to take participants of the Fanwalk back to the city centre. You can find the overall program here. 

25% discount at Safari park Beekse Bergen
On Match days in Tilburg you can get a 25% discount for safari park Beekse Bergen, if you show your tickets for WEURO 2017 you get a discount on your tickets for the park. Maybe you will spot the Big Five before one of the matches! Kicky already took a look around the park. She visited the lions and took a nap on their favourite spot.

Recently five baby leopards were born and there’s a new route for bus and car safaris. After visiting Beekse Bergen you can join your fellow football fans in the Fanzone on Pieter Vreedeplein, or go directly to the stadium to see the match.

Tilburg has a Fanwalk on 30 July.

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