Breda Deventer Doetinchem Rotterdam Tilburg Utrecht Fanzone Tournament information

When will the tournament be played?

The tournament will be played between July 16 till August 6.

Where will the tournament be played?

There will be 7 host cities:

Tilburg (Koning Willem II Stadium)

Breda (Rat Verlegh Stadium)

Utrecht (Stadium Galgenwaard)

Rotterdam (Sparta Stadium)

Deventer (Stadium Adelaarshorst)

Doetinchem (Stadium Vijverberg)

Enschede (FC Twente Stadium)

Ticket sale

Where can I buy tickets?

There are 2 ways to order tickets.

1. Online in our online ticketshop 

2. On match day in the stadium ticket shop (Only possible if there are still tickets available).

Also local sales initiatives are possible for example on the fanzones.

When will the ticket sale start?

Official ticket sales will start on Tuesday November 8 at 19.00 CET uur and closes August 6. Subject to availability. 

Ticket prices

When will ticket sales start?

Official ticket sales will start on Tuesday November 8 on 19.00 CET uur and closes August 6. Subject to availability.

What are the ticket prices?

Tickets are available in the following price categories?:


Cat 1

Cat 2

Group matches

€ 20,00

€ 10,00


€ 20,00

€ 10,00

Semi finals

€ 30,00

€ 15,00


€ 40,00

€ 20,00

Where are the price categories situated?

Category 1 is situated between the 16 meter lines. Category 2 is situated behind the goals and the corners. Subject to the stadium configuration this can slightly differ.

Do I need to pay additional fees on top of the face value ticket prices?

No additional fees are charged. Depending on your shipment method, additional shipment fees can be charged.

- E-tickets: no fees

- Netherlands post-delivery: € 1 per ticket

- International post-delivery: € 2 per ticket

Are there special ticket prices available?

Yes, the following special ticket prices are available:

- Group package: 20% discount when ordering 10 tickets per match or more. Only for group stage matches

- Youth package: 50% discount for children till 14 years accompanied by an adult

- Venue package: 20% discount when ordering all matches in one venue

- Follow your team: 20% discount when ordering all group stage matches for one country

Ticket request

Can I apply for tickets through online auction sites or online ticket websites?

You can only aplpy tickets through the officiële sales channel: http://www.weuro2017.nl/tickets Fans of participating member associations (pma) can apply tickets through their associations. Each PMA decides if they will sell tickets.

Are the seats next to each other?

You can select your own seats in the stadium map.

Are tickets registered on name?

The name of the person who order the tickets is printed on the ticket. An ID check can be performed when entering the stadium.

How can I pay my tickets?

Payment methods are iDEAL, credit card (MasterCard en VISA) and some non-Dutch payment methods like bancontact/MrCash.

What is the currency of the tickets?

Tickets can only be paid in Euro´s (EUR).

Is the ticket website secured?

Yes, all transactions are secured through a SSL inscription and all data is sent throughhttps.

Do I need to use a special browser to order tickets?

You need Internet Explorer 9 or higher or Chrome 10 or higher to order tickets.

Can I also buy wheelchair tickets?

Yes, this is possible. Please sent an email to . We will contact you and help you with your request.

Can I buy hospitality packages?

Yes, it is possible to buy hospitality packages. These include ticket with best view on the pitch, access to hospitality area, catering, parking pass, WEURO2017 gift, match program and team line up.  

What is the price of a hospitality package?




Groepsfase NED

€ 105,00

€ 85,00

Groepsfase overig

€ 95,00

€ 75,00


€ 105,00

€ 85,00

Halve finale

€ 115,00

€ 95,00


€ 125,00

€ 105,00

Where can I buy hospitality packages?

Please sent an e-mail to , we will contact you.

Where can I buy parking passes?

It is not possible to buy parking passes online. You need to park in the stadium surroundings.

If I have a problem with my ticket(s) or another question regarding my ticket application, who do I contact?

If you have any question regarding your ticket application or your ticket:

You can get all your Ticketing questions answered on our Help/FAQs on http://www.weuro2017.nl

You can contact the customer service appointed by the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) in relation to the WEURO2017 ticketing process:

- by email:

- by phone to the following number: Inside Netherlands: 0343 499 333, Outside Netherlands: 0031 343 499 333

(Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 CET)

Order tickets

When do I receive my tickets?

If you choose delivery method e-tickets, you will instantly receive your tickets on your registered e-mail address. If you choose delivery method post, you will receive the tickets latest June 1.

Can I cancel my order?

It is not possible to cancel your order.

Is there a maximum number of tickets I can order?

There is no maximum number of tickets that you can order.

Can I order tickets for several matches or different price categories within one transaction?

Yes, this is possible.

What if my tickets were stolen or lost?

The Host Association and/or UEFA will not issue duplicate tickets for any reason whatsoever. The host association cannot be held liable for any ticket loss or late delivery caused by malfunction or interruption of mail services.

What rules apply when ordering tickets for WEURO2017?

When applying for tickets for WEURO2017, you are bound by the Ticketing Terms and Conditions as laid down by UEFA and the Royal Netherlands Football Association (the Host Association). Please read them carefully before applying for tickets.

Am I allowed to give or sell my tickets to someone else? 

Except as set out in Article 5.4 of the Terms and Conditions, neither the applicant nor the guest may sell, offer for sale, auction, resell or otherwise transfer the tickets.

Can tickets be used for commercial purposes, for example as a prize for a competition or as part of a travel package?

Commercial use of the Tickets has been exclusively granted to the official WEURO2017 sponsors. Therefore, Tickets may not be used for commercial purposes such as without limitation for promotion, advertising, use as a prize in a competition or sweepstake or as a part of a travel package (for example combining flights, hotel and tickets).

Where can I find Ticketing Terms en Conditions?

Terms and conditions can be found here.

Account information

How can I create an account?

When you access the webshop for the first time, you need to create an account. Click in the online ticket shop on top on the register button. Please register all the mandatory fields. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and account details. With this account you can order tickets.

How can I log in in the webshop?

Please click on Log in button. Enter your mail address and click on the button forgot my password. You will receive a temporary password. After login you will be asked to renw your password. Login is posible with your mail address and password. It is not possible to use the same mail address for different users.

If you have ordered tickets in the past for KNVB matches, you can use the same account. 

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