The UEFA Women's EURO 2017 (WEURO 2017) is about more than just international football matches. The tournament has been paired with all kinds of side events, activities and initiatives. Primary schools from all across the Netherlands are being treated to wonderful lessons relating with WEURO 2017. In addition, everyone is being challenged to show his or her football skills with games of Keepie Uppie. ‘Football festivals’ are also being held at soccer clubs located in host cities. These Football festivals feature football-related activities for girls and mothers. Special activities will be used to decide who has the privilege of doing various things during WEURO games. This includes carrying the centre-circle cloth, but that’s not all!

Once only 100 days are left until the start of the tournament, football-related activities will be held every Friday; these Fridays will be called ‘Football Fridays’. There will be a different theme every week and you will be able to win free tickets for WEURO games!

Once the tournament starts, there will be Fan zones in the host cities, where everyone is welcome to celebrate and experience the WEURO 2017 feeling. There will also be a Fan walk towards the stadiums; a bit like a festive procession featuring football fans! Check the website for the latest news and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

Koop kaarten